Safety Hurts

Father/daughter seatbelt injuries🚘
This family was driving in the silver car. The father was driving and the daughter was in the passenger seat. An older woman driving the red car turned in front of their car and they crashed into her. Both the father and daughter sustained multiple contusions from the steering wheel, seatbelt, and airbag. Luckily they had no internal injuries!
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Abdomen wound from seatbelt
Breast wound from seatbelt
Abdominal wound from seatbelt
Fathers abdominal wound from seatbelt

By mrs_angemi

I am a board certified Pathologists’ Assistant through the ASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathology). I have dissected thousands of organs and have seen so much disease. I want to use my experiences to educate people on how to live healthier, safer lives.

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The people in Instagram are being disgusting over this post right now. Number one reason why I joined this group.
May I ask, without being an ahole like they are in IG, do you feel that bring overweight might have helped them avoid injury? Or is it worse because the lap belt cannot be positioned as well over the hips?

Anyone no matter their size can sustain nasty internal injuries from seat belts. They’re lucky they were wearing them in the first place otherwise it could have been even worse than this.

I was in a bad accident when I was 18 and had pretty nasty seat belt marks on my shoulder, chest and hips and abdomen. I was much thinner then 😂
I’m sure if I was in the same accident now, at 40 years old and 100 pounds heavier, I would have the same bruising. I wouldn’t think my “padding” would really cushion my organs. Just curious to what others might have seen.

Agreed. Exactly why I didn’t post all of the photos on IG. I think I have seen seatbelt injuries on all sizes. It really depends on the accident. The seatbelt should be placed under the belly but I know when I was pregnant it was shifting all over

As a nurse, I can tell you that extra weight almost certainly provides zero protection from injury in an automobile accident. Even fatty tissue is largely composed of water, and does not compress in an impact like the crumple zones in a car. In fact the extra weight MIGHT, and I seriously stress the “might” make some injuries worse by adding mass to the forces encountered in an impact. But this is extremely difficult to say for sure since there are an infinite number of factors involved in any outcome, and you can’t place the blame on any one thing. That being said, I do agree that being overweight does make it more likely that someone will wear their seat belt incorrectly, as both of these patients clearly were, but does not mean they can’t position it properly. I was morbidly obese most of my adult life, and I learned at a young age to tuck my lap belt under my belly so it held my hips. I can’t say exactly when or how I learned this, but obesity does not rule out the ability to wear a seat belt in the proper position. They likely just never learned how or never thought about it. But no matter their weight or the position of the belt, these kinds of bruises are EXTREMELY common after auto accidents. I sported a set of them myself after a nasty accident, even though I was wearing my belts properly. My bruises were just in a somewhat different position. Having the belt across the belly for someone of any weight makes abdominal injury more likely, but luckily for these two, they managed to escape such injury.

Yes she did she’s in her late 70’s she turned against traffic into us she’s okay we hit her passenger side she was taken by ambulance and had no injuries or anything.

Thank goodness you and baby and everyone else are ok. Those bruises are intense! I once had one like those on my thigh from a cycling accident. It took a year for the coloring to completely disappear. Was this in Portland?

I’m so glad to hear you and baby are all right! This is really bad bruising! This is the kind of thing that always scared me when I was pregnant that Is get into an accident but was lucky. I got hit by a drunk driver a year ago and got bruising on my breasts similar to this from the seat belt. My husband as a TBI and deals with constant headaches and migraines.

This is why you are advised to place your seatbelts under your belly so that your hip bones take the brunt of the pressure in a car crash.

This is me I’m pregnant and the seatbelt was under my hips but it kept coming up because of the outfit I was wearing the seatbelt came up also when the airbag hit.

Yes baby is okay we were extremely worried about baby I was taken by ambulance and checked out 😊 the older lady was taken as well she’s okay as well.

I was in a car accident when I was, 15 I’ll be 44 on Tuesday. I was wearing my seatbelt and was hit on the drivers side (I was driving) and I still have neck and lower back issues from that accident. I was taken to the hospital and had X-rays but I was sent home saying I was fine. Now doctors can tell I had whip lash and Long lasting damage to my joints in my neck. Lower back hurts daily. It could have been worse not wearing the seatbelt though.

I fell on my butt the other month after being distracted by a spider while going downstairs to the bin. The bruise I got matches the one of the butt. Roommate told me it look like I got caned.

From the looks of those bruises that could have been so much worse. So thankful everyone was ok! 🙏🏼❤️

Seat belts cause lots of bruising, but it is better than being dead. I have been in a couple accidents with extensive bruising from seat belts. across my chest waist, and I would rather be bruised than dead. Wear your seat belts

My mom and I were in an car accident where she received seatbelt injuries similar to the female in the pictures, except my mom was actually cut in the groin abdomen area by the seatbelt requiring multiple staples and burnt by the seatbelt across her chest which left a clear scar

I was ina car accident when I was 17 where I was hit head on in the passenger side. Luckily it was only me in the car and the only damage was the markings of the seatbelts across my belly and chest and my soda exploded under the increased cabin pressure.

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