Facial Piercings

Someone just sent me these photos. Naturally, I decided to text them to my friend Paul, because I knew he would know about them. And he did! (If you guys don’t know about him, check him out @hexencult). He is an expert in the cultural aspects of death and has traveled the world studying this type of stuff.

These photos are from the Phuket Vegetarian Festival which is an annual event held on the 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. The festival celebrates the Chinese community’s belief that abstinence from meat and various stimulants will help them obtain good health and peace of mind. The festival is famous for its ‘extreme’ celebrations. These include acts that invoke the gods, from firewalking to body piercing. Acts of self-mortification are undertaken by participants who act as mediums of the gods. These have become more spectacular and daring as each year goes by.

By mrs_angemi

I am a board certified Pathologists’ Assistant through the ASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathology). I have dissected thousands of organs and have seen so much disease. I want to use my experiences to educate people on how to live healthier, safer lives.

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Tribes do something and they pray before doing all of this to not bleed there is documentary’s about all of this

I do body piercings, and the reason there is no blood at this point is because the metal or whatever material is inserted is pushing against the capillaries and/or vessels and therefore constricts the bleeding. When the object is removed, then there can be A LOT of bleeding. I’ve learned this from having to remove a piece of jewelry from a fresh piercing for one reason or another and sometimes it doesn’t bleed at all until after the jewelry is out.

I Love Paul! I have been following him and his travels for a few years, ever since Nicole introduced him once I started following her page. Love his page and he’s fostering kittens right now! He’s an awesome guy! Everyone will love his photos of skeletons, burial rituals of other countries, his knowledge about pet cemeteries, plus he has a cat Baba that he dresses up, she’s a model! 💀😺

Ok wow. This must be fun for some people, I just don’t understand how.
A friend of a friend had his tongue split and it’s horrifying to look at. But he’s very pleased with it. Obviously there’s some appeal that’s beyond my understanding.

I have read up about this insanity before. They meditate & work themselves up into a frenzy and/or trance like state. They claim to feel no pain.

That might be one too many, 😂

Ps. Paul is AMAZING!! He takes the most beautiful pictures and explores the coolest places. I wish I could go exploring with him!!!

I’ve seen these types of ceremonies before. They also do thing like whipping themselves on the back repeatedly. The show I watched on it was quite graphic but very interesting to see.

It’s weird to me how so many people want to come and look at blood and guts on this page, but immediately shut this down because it’s “weird”. Maybe try learning about some different cultures other than your own. Being a boring ass white American is not that cool guys.

Theirs a lot of self-flagellation practices that would fit this topic. Religion is fucking crazy..

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