How can I send photos/videos to Nicole?2020-09-02T04:45:00-04:00

Email any photos/videos to:

How can I search for something in The Gross Room?2020-09-02T04:46:15-04:00

Once logged into your account, visit The Gross Room and enter your search term in either of the search boxes provided on the page.

How can I change my payment method?2020-09-02T04:50:46-04:00

To enter new credit card details, please visit:
My Account > Subscriptions > Update

I requested a new password but I never received it. What should I do?2020-09-02T04:52:23-04:00

Please make sure you have checked your spam folder for an email from website. If you still haven’t received any password generation link, please contact us at, and someone on our team will provide you with a new password.

How do I change my password?2020-09-02T04:53:33-04:00
  1. Logged in users visit My Account > Home (link) > Change Password (link) toward the bottom of the form or visit this page:
  2. Non Logged in users can access the Forgot Password page to update the password:
I am a current monthly Gross Room member, how do I upgrade my account?2020-09-02T04:55:57-04:00

Visit Change Subscription page

Select new subscription term

You will be redirected to the payment page to enter in your payment details

On successful form submission, your subscription term will be updated.

Why does my account say I am not authorized to view?2020-09-02T05:05:13-04:00

Your card may have failed during processing a payment due to insufficient funds, expired card, etc. Please contact us at and be sure to include your username and payment method.

I paid for The Gross Room, how do I login?2020-09-02T04:58:48-04:00

Access Link to Login.

I clicked on Cancel but I got a popup telling me I need to cancel at PayPal. How do I do this?2020-09-02T05:00:08-04:00

Account Settings > Website Payments > My automatic payments > You can manage the automatic payments you have with other merchants from My preapproved payments page. > Find and click on IHEARTAUTOPSY > Cancel > Cancel Plan (popup)

If you still need assistance, please contact PayPal and they can help you cancel your subscription –

How do I cancel my subscription?2020-11-07T14:24:46-05:00

Go to My Account > Subscriptions (link above the table) > Cancel.

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