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This is the testicle of a 54 year old male with a cancerous germ cell tumor. I labeled the photo so you can see what is going on. The spermatic cord is where the testicle attaches to the inside of the body. When a patient has a testicle removed, that is where it is cut off the body. The testicle is almost completely taken over by this tumor. This is the testicle- it is cut in half. The middle of the tumor looks different because it is necrotic or dead. The outside of the spermatic cord is has been covered with green ink. We use ink in pathology so we can tell what we are looking at under the microscope. It is important to put ink on the outside of the testicle because if the tumor comes very close or invades the ink- this could change the stage of the cancer. The cord itself does not need to be inked, but sometimes it’s a mess and gets everywhere. Other times, people in pathology go by this theory: “don’t think, ink”. I personally disagree with anyone saying “don’t think“ in medicine. You get paid to think!

By mrs_angemi

I am a board certified Pathologists’ Assistant through the ASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathology). I have dissected thousands of organs and have seen so much disease. I want to use my experiences to educate people on how to live healthier, safer lives.

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Oh wow. Would you say this is stage 4? I mean it had practically taken over the testicle but there is some healthy meat in there. Also, can this form of cancer run itself up the spermatic cord?

You can not tell the stage of a tumor based upon the size. Staging is checking for metastasis. Which includes checking to see if it spread locally, then to lymph nodes, then to organs. We take the entire end of the spermatic cord as a “margin” and the docs look at that microscopically to see if there is tumor. So yes to answer your question.

Cancer stages indicate how far the cancer has spread throughout the local area and through the entire body. If this hasn’t metastisized, then it’s stage 1.

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