When I first started working in the laboratory, I thought it was so cool that there was a room in the hospital called the “Gross Room”. This is a room located in the surgical pathology lab in most hospitals where we dissect the organs from surgeries (and sometimes autopsies). The word “gross” in pathology describes what we see with our eyes or the macroscopic view. The Gross Room is also, GROSS! The room is dirty, and filled with cutting boards, knives, and pens covered in blood and guts! The Gross Room is the perfect name for my new private insiders group.

The Gross Room is like my Instagram, but better! It is the perfect combination of all the GROSS seen in pathology. I post in The Gross Room daily and many of my posts have way more text, photos, and details than I can squeeze into a 300 word Instagram post.

As a member of The Gross Room you will have access to multiple daily posts. The group is smaller and filled with more like-minded people, so the discussion is more fun! When you join The Gross Room, you will have access to all of my past posts dating back to the start of The Gross Room 11/2019. There is also an archive by dates and a search function.